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Hire the Best Wrought Iron Fence Installation Company in Dallas and FT Worth surrounding areas. We specialize in high quality wrought iron fencing in all grades, including Residential, Commercial, and Industrial. It’s our goal to provide you with superior products, service, satisfaction and of course distinction.


FIXED RIGHT THE FIRST TIME! One of the most popular types of yard enclosures, wood fencing combines the best in both security…

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One of the most popular types of yard enclosures, wood fencing combines the best in both security and aesthetics. It offers the strength and durability you demand, all while infusing your yard with a simple elegance at the same time.

At DFW Gate Repair, we offer a variety of custom wood fencing solutions, from ornate to traditional, to residences throughout The Dallas and the Fort Worth TX area. We handle new fencing installations and repairs, and work with you to design an enclosure that gives you privacy, controls outside noise and protects your home.

We can also alter your fence’s color with attractive stains and treatments. You tell us more about the look and feel you have in mind, and our team will make it happen.


FIXED RIGHT THE FIRST TIME! Were an industry leader in installing and supplying access controlled fully equipped, gate operating systems.

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DFW Gate Repair is an industry leader in installing and supplying access controlled fully equipped, gate operating systems. We provide custom built turn-key installations and upgrades, as well as a full range of services.

We stand behind each job as if it were a part of our own property. We warranty all our installs and repairs against any defects due to our workmanship. All materials are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty.

We are a one-stop- shop experience for our clients. We not only have the capacity to supply you with all your fencing needs, we also have the capability to provide you with the ideal gate and control system best suited for your property. The addition of an automatic gate opener and access control will help you by combining reliable access controls with superior gates for a total entry solution.

From gated community to high security clearance, DFW Gate Repair Company has a product line that offers a variety of options depending on the level of control needed.


FIXED RIGHT THE FIRST TIME! DFW Gate Repair is the source for all of your repair needs. We service all brands of…

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Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal

DFW Gate Repair is the source for all of your repair needs. We service all brands of Electric Gates, Gate Motors, Gate Openers, Telephone Entry Systems, Card Readers, Electronic Gate Keypads, Code Access Devices, Remote Controls, Infrared Beams, Underground Loop Sensors, CCTV Cameras and much more!


FIXED RIGHT THE FIRST TIME! All Fence, Gates, Openers, Access Devices, Wood, Seal and Stain, Chain Link, Wrought Iron, Pergolas, Retaining Walls,…

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All Fence, Gates, Openers, Access Devices, Wood, Seal and Stain, Chain Link, Wrought Iron, Pergolas, Retaining Walls, Stone Work, Kennels, Pool Safety.


Tiled printing is a method that computer programs use to enable users to print images larger than a standard page, popularized by a…

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Deck & Fence Staining Southlake TX

In case your fence or deck looks a little dingy, cleaning it may help. But to really get your deck looking beautiful you also will need to seal it. Constant exposure to Ultra violet rays and rain may cause failed fence and decks to fade, crack, split and twist. Not only does a properly-maintained fence or deck look better, but it also lasts longer. That’s a job, because there’s waiting time between the cleaning and the sealing.

Our Promise As Your Fence Staining Company Southlake TX

Throughout the entire procedure for setting up your initial consultation to the completion of the undertaking, we strive to supply you with the highest degree of professionalism and client support.


Our goal is to supply you with the best quality, customized fence staining and deck staining projects within your working spending budget. As your Fence and deck staining company Southlake TX, we believe each job should be done right the first time so your happy.


We construct our fence staining and deck staining jobs with the industries to top graded materials. Our craftsmen are trained and pay attention to every part of information.


All fence & deck staining projects are overseen by one of the owners. Our fence repair contractors are artisans and career craftsmen with years of expertise and take pride in their work.


You’ll have access to owner through all phases of the process. From installations to fence designing to building and staining all decks and fences he will be available to discuss your project.

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We strive to retain the pure beauty of your premises by respecting your lawn and home. We do our best to leave the rest of your property untouched whenever we build on your premises.

Fence Staining

So you’re handy and you think you would like to stain your own fence? We’re going to share the way we do it so that you are able to get professional results which you’ll be proud to show off to the rest of the neighborhood! Obviously, you might decide you ought to have us do it.

A water test is the easiest approach to make sure the wood could absorb sealer or finish. Sprinkle water on the fence or deck. If it soaks in instantly, the wood fence or deck must be sealed. In case the water beads up or stands on the deck your deck may not need sealing. Nevertheless, you may need to apply a brand-new wood treatment. Contact us to get a fence or deck staining evaluation.

DFW Gate Repair: 817-648-9019

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Unpredictable weather in DFW is the main cause of unsightly discoloration and deterioration of your own fence. Years of snow, sleet, rain and hail can eliminate your fencings natural glow. That’s where we come in. Staining is a popular and affordable alternative to fixing fences.

Areas and suburbs in DFW served include Fence staining Plano, Fence staining Frisco, Fence staining Garland, Fence staining Richardson, Fence staining Allen TX, Fence staining McKinney, Fence staining Carrollton, Fence staining Lewisville, Fence staining Desoto, Fence staining Irving, Fence staining Mesquite, Fence staining Rowlett, Fence staining Flower Mound and much more.


1) Brush
2) Roller
3) Airless Sprayer
4) Pump Up Sprayer
5) Professional High-Pressure Sprayer

Roller and brush are self-explanatory so should we have to cover either of these, you might like to reconsider. Just ensure you use brushes and rollers that are suitable for use with petroleum-based products. Don’t purchase the high dollar ones; this is fencing.

Airless and pump up sprayers We don’t use airless sprayers, but they’ll work so we’ll refer you back to your owner’s guide. Pump up sprayers may work; I don’t use them for stain application though…I use them for cleaning solutions. You pump them up and start spraying the stain. As you use it, the pressure is likely to run down that’ll typically begin to change the grade of your coverage. With either type of sprayer, pay attention to your spray pressure and try to keep it as consistent as possible, to keep the stain application uniform (more on that in a moment).

The preferred method of application is to use a pro-grade high-pressure sprayer, that’ll ensure a uniform delivery of stain through the job and shorten the period needed to get the job done. It a bit tough for most home owners to access this kind of equipment, much less know how to use it.  Whichever tool you use, Wood Defender products can help ensure the most professional results possible. This removes the requirement for back-brushing or rolling required to ensure many goods have a uniform appearance and mitigates pressure variations during sprayer application. In this regard, Wood Defender is the do-it-yourself best buddy.

No matter which way you choose, this will be a messy procedure which can get stain on you, your clothes and shoes. We recommend you wear clothes you’re tired of because they’ll get stain on them and not be good for much else. Wear comfortable shoes that you won’t mind having stain spots.


Identify any land or vegetation which can be damaged by stain or bleach and develop a plan for protecting them. We recommend fences be bleached prior to rust to kill mold, mildew and algae and to prepare the surface to receive the stain. Normal household-strength bleach is suitable for this task and, in that concentration, it might have effect on vegetation in receptive environmental conditions. Nevertheless, if you’ve plants If you’ve plants or shrubs that you consider very sensitive, then cover them with a tarp or plastic while discoloration and spraying, then spray them with water when you’re finished. Wood Defender goods may be easily cleaned off non-porous surfaces such as glass, metal, plastic, etc. Dawn dishwashing detergent is extremely capable of cleaning these surfaces.

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Unlike the non-porous surfaces described above surfaces will must be wetted before, during and after staining. This is especially challenging when dealing with pergolas along with other overhead structures, however it may be done. Remember to consider neighboring yards and let your neighbors know that you will be working on your own fence.


Cleaning the fencing is the initial step in preparing the fencing for staining. You’ve to decide if you wish to bleach the fencing or power wash the fencing. Power Washing is tough on timber and we prevent it at any cost since you’re essentially driving water to the timber at a few thousand PSI so as to strip off the outer coating of wood to make it look new. In case you’ve a movie forming product such as paint or Water Seal, you must either reuse the current product or power wash your timber because oil-based stains such as Wood Defender won’t comply with the film. Bleaching is a far best option in most cases for either unstained or previously stained fences. Why ? Since it kills all the mold, algae and mold growing in your timber damage. A combination of those four things is the reason for your fencing turns black or gray and you want it gone before you apply blot! utilizing a bleach compatible sprayer, use bleach to the timber on your fence in the top to bottom. It’ll kill the grass under the fence so that you do not have to border for a couple of weeks. In case the fencing is truly blackened, you need to use bleach right, if it’s moderate to light gray, 3 parts bleach to one-part water will find the job done.

STAIN THE FENCE – Prior to staining, you must mix the stain. The very best way we’ve found to achieve this is to pour the stain in another 5-gallon bucket and then use a stick and get the stain. When they are well mixed, pour the remainder of the blot from the first bucket to the second bucket. Lastly, pour about a half cup of paint thinner or mineral oil to the first bucket and use a brush to get all the pigment on the bottom and side of the bucket and pour the mixture into the second bucket. Yes, this is a small a little chore, but we do it with each bucket of stain to ensure you get the protection and quality you’ve purchased.


Something will go wrong. Fantastic prep and planning will assist mitigate the effect and minimize negative results. When staining the fence where it combines the home, apply stain to the 3-5 pickets closest to the home by hand. This may enable you must point the sprayer away from the home when staining the rest of the fence close to the link point and prevent or minimize overspray which will get on the home.

Consider the weather when booking your bleach and stain jobs. Prevent days with strong wind and bad forecasts. Don’t stain the fence when it’s wet. Wait until it’s dry. Pressure treated wood may be stained, but the results will not be optimal before it’s dried. This could take a few weeks due to the level of saturation throughout the pressure treatment process. Be patient and allow it dry. The better result will be well worth the wait. Our guideline is to wait at least sixty days following a pressure treated fence was installed prior to applying stain. Like any job the standard of the timber and pressure therapy may have an influence on your results.

Preparation is the key to the prevention of overspray or stains. Have a fantastic plan and spend some time to execute it. Talk to your neighbors before staining to ensure you do not inadvertently harm any of their property. Ensure you correctly mix stain to ensure even pigmentation. If staining with a volume of stain, occasionally check the blot to ensure isn’t settled into its component layers. In case your fence has flaws, blemishes brands of sprinklers, or variations in color and texture, consider picking a Semi-Transparent stain. Semi Transparent stains have more pigment and will be more efficient at covering these up.

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