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There are 3 chief advantages to getting a driveway gate using an opener: safety, curb appeal and enhanced property value.

1 – Safety: A driveway gate prevents unauthorized vehicles from entering the house if you are home or not. Additionally, it may help protect kids and pets, particularly if the gate boundaries a perimeter fence.

2 – Curb Appeal: Now’s driveway gates are designed and made to be an advantage (not an eyesore) for your own property. When correctly set up, a gate has a stately presence that immediately boosts the appearance of any dwelling. If you now have a manual drive gate, then it’s possible to significantly increase its advantage by installing an automatic opener.

3 – Increased Home Value: By improving the safety and curb appeal, a gate could possibly raise the home value –and also resale cost – of a house.

How it Works

Prior to discussing the finer details of drive gates and automatic openers, let us have a glance at the significant elements of a normal system and the way it functions. The gates are firmly mounted to stout posts which are put in concrete and buried deep into the floor. Gates may also be mounted to brick columns or rock columns. The automated opener is bolted into the gate and pole, then attached to a buried 120-volt electric cable or photovoltaic solar panel.

Electricity flows in the cable or solar panel into a rechargeable battery. After you press the button on the gate opener remote, then the battery powers the engine to open or shut the gate. You might even put in an electronic keypad, which enables anybody to open the gate by inputting a four-digit code. Some programs allow operation of this gate through a digital swipe card, automobile tag or cell phone program.

Selecting a Gate

There is a logical sequence to follow when searching for a driveway opener and gate. We begin with gate material and layout, then proceed on to dimension, opening accessories and action.

A. Material

Many driveway gates are produced with powder-coated steel, wrought iron or aluminum. Iron and steel are powerful and durable, but aluminum is lighter, more rust-resistant and not as costly. Wood gates can be found also but notice that they are heavy and prone to cracking and warping. Additionally, wood gates need more upkeep than alloy gates.

B. Design

Gates come in a variety of designs based upon the manufacturer. Most residential driveway gates include a collection vertical pickets placed within a perimeter frame. The three most frequent gate layouts comprise: flat-top, arched-top and arched-top with finials.

Flat upper driveway gates

Flat-Top: A flat-top gate would be the easiest style. Its upper horizontal rail is right, developing a flat-top layout. arched top driveway gate

Arched – Top: The top railing of a conventional arched-top gate is bent to make a gentle upsweeping arch. The pickets fit flush inside the railing. This really is the most popular fashion for gates. arched top with finials driveway gate.

Arched – Top with Finials: The arched-top gate with finials is like the typical arched-top gate, except the tops of the pickets extend beyond the top rail. Each upper rail is fitted with a decorative finial. Notice the small variations in those 3 standard layouts. By way of instance, there are gates using dual top railings or spear-point pickets set inside the framework, and a few flat-top gates have pickets that float beyond the top rail.

Another choice would be to get a steel gate custom-designed and constructed by DFW Gate Repair to custom-build a wooden gate. These will be the most expensive alternatives, but they let you make an exceptional, one-of-a-kind driveway gate.

Double driveway gates

When choosing which dimensions to purchase, make sure it opens wide enough to accommodate not just delivery trucks, but additionally ambulances, fire trucks and other emergency vehicles.

Walk Gates

We have the power to design and construct gates from basic to lavish customized work. If you’re searching for curb appeal, a customized gate is the thing to do.

Slide Gates: Everything is constructed separately for every one of our valued clients. This allows us the flexibility to make the distinctive and custom design that you want and deserve.

Cantilever Gates: Cantilever gates have been dangled on rollers and are fantastic for snowy or rugged conditions that may impact a gate which rolls on the floor.

V-Track Gates

V-Track gates may be utilized in conditions where the gate has to be near the floor for safety problems. They’re also utilized in circumstances where there’s restricted space for your gate to slip back into.

Swing Gates

Swing gates are most frequently used for drive gates. You will find only swing gates and dual swing gates.

Single Swing

Most commonly used while the opening is 14′ or less. Creating one swing automated gate will be cheapest option because of less components and simpler setup.

Double Swing

Recommended while the gate opening is 14′ or higher. Double swing gates are perfect to divide the diameter of the gate opening and offer faster entry and exit because of less time for the gates to open.

Parking Barriers

Parking barriers are best for parking garages or controlled entry/exit websites. Scott’s Fencing has extensive expertise in installing parking obstacles and can suggest a high quality and dependable parking barrier arm. We work functions closely together with the top manufacturers to guarantee an excellent product and clean setup.

Crash Barriers

We work closely with several unique makers to supply the best safety for government centers and military installations. We provide a vast selection of collision barrier systems out of hydraulic security bollards into K-rated gate methods. Our highly trained staff has the technical knowledge to put in these complex systems in a timely and economical method.

Tandem Gates

Tandem gates are technical gate systems which need professional installation and specialized understanding. Tandem Gates are perfect in cases where the opening is bigger than the place at which the gate will have to slide into. These gates are numerous bit gate systems which will slide into a place about 2/3rds the size of this opening.

Automatic Gate Opener Accessories

There are numerous optional accessories which you could add into your driveway gate to raise the safety and ease of the machine. Here are just seven popular accessories to contemplate:

Solar Panel: A solar panel recharges the battery which powers the engine on the automated opener utilizing solar power. Purchase a 5-watt solar panel to run one gate plus a 10-watt panel for double gates.

Intercom Keypad: A visitor may press the telephone button to indicate that the base station in the home. After that you can talk with the customer and provide them the access code to open the gate.

Vehicle Exiting Device: A vehicle departing apparatus finds mass metal in movement and automatically opens the gate to permit visitors to depart without having a remote controller.

Automatic Gate Lock: This hardware thing is suggested for high-wind regions where continuous motion can impact the open and close confines of this gate. By restricting wind movement on this lock, you are going to make sure that the gate will open completely and shut securely.

dfw gate repair

Pin Lock:
 The opener is fastened to the gate using an easy clevis pin. If someone pulls the trap, they could push open the gate and gain entrance to your house. Avoid unauthorized entry by substituting the clevis pin with a pin lock. Next, in case you ever must manually open the gate, then just unlock the pin with the supplied key.

Push-to-Open Bracket: Utilize this steel bracket to convert a pull-to-open, in-swinging gate into some push-to-open, out-swinging gate.

Digital Photo Beam: All these devices project a light beam throughout the gate opening. If someone or something interrupts the beam while the gate is shifting, the gate will automatically reverse direction.

C. Size

When picking a gate layout, you must choose the suitable size patio for your precise driveway and house. Ready-to-install driveway gates quantify 4 ft. to 6 ft. tall and are available in a variety of lengths to accommodate just about any driveway width. One gate is often available in 12 ft. lengths and is adequate for thinner drives and tight spaces. Double gates arrive in 12 ft., 14 ft. and 16 ft. lengths and supply a bigger traffic lane. They’re recommended for wider drives. Single driveway gate Notice that every double gate contains two gates of equivalent length. By way of instance, a 14 ft. double door includes 2 7 ft. gates. In case you choose to put in a double gate, do not forget you’ll want to obtain a dual-gate opener, that comprises two electrical openers.

D. Opening Action

There are two ways that drive gates function: either by swinging or slipping. A huge bulk of residential driveway gates swing open since they need less space with the driveway in relation to a sliding gate. Most driveway gates swing, meaning as you pull in the drive, the gates swing away from you and in toward the home. But whether you can set up an in-swinging gate will rely on the incline of your drive.

When the driveway is comparatively flat or slopes down to the home, then it’s possible to set up an in-swinging gate. But in the event the driveway slopes upward toward the home, there may be inadequate clearance under the gate for it to fold. (There’s typically approximately 4 in. Of distance under the gate) In these scenarios, the gate might need to swing away from the house and toward the street. Remember to consider the gate’s place on the drive. It is important that the gate be far enough up the drive so that automobiles, such as delivery trucks, can pull up to the gate without even obstructing the street, sidewalk, bicycle lane or pedestrian crosswalk.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. With more than 30 years in the custom gate and fence industry, DFW Gate Repair has worked with just about every type of property, design, installation, and repair.

Driveway Gate Design and Setup Questions

I’ve got an idea in your mind for my gate layout — will you help me implement?

Yes. Having a portfolio of hundreds of finished jobs — from company to personal patio installments — we can assist you in finding a layout that fits your taste. If you are seeking to bring a personal touch, then we can assist you alter a style or custom-create a theory that suits your vision. We could even use software to superimpose a gate on your driveway so it’s possible to preview the final item (an excess charge may apply for this service).

I need to design my own gate from scratch. Will you be able to work and function together with my architect?

Yes. We custom-design gates out of first notions, and we are delighted to work in tandem with your landscape architect or designer. If you decide to work right with us, then remember we do have the capability to perform store drawings using a CAD program (an excess charge may apply for this service).

What if I have an inclined steep driveway?

Inclined drives really are a frequent challenge, and setup teams at DFW Gate Repair are effective in beating these natural barriers. We’re experts at meeting the system’s operational needs while satisfying your aesthetic vision. Rest assured that your setup team will probably be well-matched into the requirements of your individual job, from the specialized to the bodily, and out of mechanisms to masonry.

How Does DFW Gate Repair do function for gated communities or industrial properties?

Yes. We appeal to all sorts of properties with automatic entrance gates. We service residential, industrial, commercial, and gated neighborhoods, we have completed for gated communities and industrial properties as well. Driveway Gate Equipment, Automation, and Operation.

What sort of driveway gates would you set up or aid to help us?

We install whole driveway gate methods, such as rock columns, timber, iron, and composite gates, and several gate automation equipment, such as operators, phone entry systems, battery backup systems, and safety elements. We can repair and maintain equipment by many leading manufacturers such as FAAC, Door king, BFT, SEA, Linear, Hy-Security, and lots of more, and possess a warehouse which stocks a huge array of gear. If we do not have a part in stock, we can usually order it immediately and put in it the following moment.

How do I run my driveway gate?

Every gate method has an exceptional way of being put into manual mode. We provide onsite training for everyone our clients and are more than pleased to meet you to examine the manual discharge process for your precise entrance gate.

Driveway Gate Repair Services questions

What do I do when I’ve a problem with my driveway gate?

Give us a call! Our office responds fast to all of calls, and we ought to be able to get you up and running in almost no time in any way. When it’s after hours or a vacation, do not worry; we’ve got 24/7 emergency service, and may have a tech to you generally within the hour.

Can you support or maintain equipment set up by other businesses?

Yes, we do! We’ll check over your own gate system and supply you a listing of recommended adjustments if we believe any are needed.

Do I need to be home if you encounter the property?

Generally, no, you don’t. Our technicians can fix most issues at the gate area without having access in your house. Obviously, there are instances once we’ll need a person to be home — for instance, in case you’ve got an issue with your phone entry system, or a problem is tracked into a circuit breaker located inside the home.

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