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DFW Gate Repair is a locally owned Full Service, Family Owned Custom Gate Builder, we are a fence company in Arlington, TX Committed to Service and Quality. We use Cedar Slats, Composite Slats, Sheet Metal Inserts, Corrugated Sheeting, PBR, And Most Can be Installed Horizontally or even Vertically.


We chose that a time long ago not to cut corners. It’s undoubtedly cost us tens of millions of dollars in lost business. But, like you, quality experience, integrity and initiative are qualities we not only look for but need. Our Fence Crew Leaders are affordable but, in the end, the excess cost is well worth every cent. Give us a call for additional information. We’re here to help!


Our custom fencing, gates, doors, and repair/coating services are always exactingly built to the highest standards. We Build and Install Custom Wrought Iron Gates We design, repair and install different and custom wrought iron gates and fences and ornamental wrought iron from wrought iron railings to unique visual pieces. For Free Estimates Call Us – (817) 648-9019

Wood Fence

We specialize in “Complete” Custom Fence replacements and Custom brand-new builds. Our in-house installation Crews are put up with Big specialized trucks for Complete Residential Fence Projects, HOA Fence Projects, Commercial Projects, or Big Apartment Complex Fence Projects. We value your interest and anticipate building you a Fence the suitable way the very first time!

Iron Fence

We provide both custom constructed Iron Fence and mass-produced Metal Steel Fence. We’ve got access to an in-house Custom Iron Fabrication center. Therefore, what’s the advantage of each and why do we provide both?

Custom Iron

Custom constructed Iron Fence is, more durable, and constructed from material which makes it more secure, it needs to be kept on a regular basis. light touches up every 3 to 4 years is required to prevent rust. If this isn’t done, it will have to be sand blasted to recoated with a rust converter in some specific areas, primed, and painted every 10 years or so. Personally, we like the heavier gauge material of Wrought Iron and believe it enhances the overall durability of the fence and safety of your premises. However, if you’re intrigued at a coated maintenance-free fence.

Board on Board Western Red Cedar Fences

To eliminate cracks between pickets we recommend considering a Board on Board Cedar Fence. These fences are built to overlap. This effect makes a beautiful fence with thickness and increased rigidity. If you’re interested in privacy and thickness, we think you’re interested in quality as well. To put it simply we will only build a top excellent custom fence.

Custom Cedar Fence

Our fences can also be constructed with Select Western Red Cedar pickets for added beauty and a better overall finish. Our Fence contractors concentrates on the details that makes your investment last for years and several years. Other fencing companies cut corners, but DFW Gate Repair guarantees you’ll not encounter poor quality with us.

Western Red Cedar Fence Stain

We offer semi-transparent and transparent oil-based fence stain which includes trans-oxide-based pigments. This infused pigment reflects Ultra violet rays and helps shield the fence from losing its natural color. Our stains also incorporate additional algaecide for additional UV as well as mold protection. These oil-based spots assist lock in the natural Phenolic Acids inside the Western Red Cedar. This may assist preserve your Western Red Cedar fencing. These professional oil-based products are often applied by professionals only since oil-based products are more strenuous and expensive to take care of and not sold directly to consumers.

Ornamental Steel Fence

There are several excellent masses made fencing products available, there is even more which are extremely poor quality. All mass-produced fence products are lighter weight. Please know that this could possibly be a problem if you are especially searching for a greater level security option. There is no doubt these vintages: Made steel fence panels are a beautiful care free option. We highlight American Made Fence Panels as the imports do not hold up close as well.

Realize that imports are gratifying the demand for cheap products. Shortcuts to maintain this edge on providing the lowest cost is needed and there’s a big difference between American and import Made Steel Fence Panels.

Do not fall prey to these importers that provide light-weight fence arrangements with poor material and coat quality. If you are going to use a mass-produced product, we have done some homework for you to find a few of the most reliable products on the market. Give us a call for details – we are here to help !

Pool Fence and Barriers. Most city construction ordinances have codes regarding fences for pools and spas. Normally, the codes require the pool or spa to be totally encompassed by a code accepted barrier. These requirements are intended to give protection against drowning potential, by limiting access to ponds and spas.

Residential & Commercial Pool Fencing

1) Fence Repair
2) Commercial Wrought Iron Pool Fencing
3) Residential Wrought Iron Pool Fencing
4) Mesh Pool Fencing

1) Back Yard Entry Gates
2) Service Areas
3) Foster Care Pool Safety Requirements

Fences & Gates Can be Designed, Repaired, installed

We design, repair and install different custom wrought iron products and ornamental wrought iron from wrought iron railings to unique visual pieces. Only the highest-grade of fence and gate hardware and accessories are used on every wrought iron product we install.

We Repair and install Outdoor Gate and Fence Railings

DFW Gate Repair provides top-quality fencing and gate repair contractor service when it comes to designing and installing your outdoor railings. We help you find the best fit for your needs, from start to finish.

Functional, Beautiful, Durable Gates & Fences

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