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DFW Gate Repair is a locally owned and operated Gate repair contractor near Southlake Texas We fix and Installing Gates, Our Company has served Southlake along with the Dallas and Fort Worth area for over ten years. We can Build your new gate or rebuilt gate into our Specification or work together with your Structural/Civil Engineer or Architect. We’re your commercial gate repair contractor and Professionals in Designing Custom Gate mechanical systems, security systems and automated systems for any Gate or Industrial Gate Application. DFW Gate Repair is capable of handling almost any size Gate or Fence project. Give us a call today, (817) 648-9019 for a free estimate.

Custom Iron Gate manufacturing and installation

DFW Gate Repair is a privately owned and operated Gate Repair and we are an expert Installing Gate Company, capable of handling any Gate project or Fence project. Whether you’ve got a need we could bring your requirement to fruition. Our mission is to perform the best quality gate services possible with exceptional experience and bring not only competent designs, but expert gate and fence installations. Whereas the normal Residential Gate and Gate Operator system might only be used a few times daily, a Commercial Gate and an Operator System is going to be used many times an hour. With this elevated use in your mind, industry standards must be respected and understood and, in some cases, professional heights of Gate Design over and beyond industry standards must be considered to prevent future maintenance issues.

Secondly, Commercial & Industrial Gates have standards and security requirements. Often vendors and employees must be tracked in and out to deter theft. In addition, Door locks, entrance cameras and heavy industrial gate magnets will be utilized to deter theft. Our Gate professional can evaluate exactly your design requirements and install a Portal, security, security and access system which your company can rely on for several years to come. To find out more about the Commercial Gates, Gate Systems, or Operators and accessories that we offer, please Give us a call today, (817) 648-9019 for a free estimate.

Industrial Cantilever Gates

Builds and fixes: Custom Cantilever Gates. These gates are considered Industrial Gates as they’re massive duty constructions. Cantilever Gates are a Gate Structure that works well safeguarding high traffic areas, particularly in areas where 18 wheelers typically tear up gate paths or caliche gear yards are being used. Cantilever Gates are usually 50% larger than the opening to act as a balance so these gates must be constructed and set up with structural foresight that is considerably better.

Cantilever Gate Structure considerations

We utilizes length 40’ American Made schedule 40 pipe. We utilize full length pipe through the opening there’s no welds to break. We also truss all gates over 35 legs to prevent fish tailing through storms and heavy winds. This is an extra step that ensures the gate will stay true and sq. within a protracted quantity of time. The remainder of the frame work is 2 3/8” schedule 40 pipe. Our gates can be faced with a 9-gauge knuckle-knuckle fabric. We can use polyurethane wheels with sealed bearings and covers. These wheels are double the price of cast brakes but help ensure a maintenance free gate that’s set up for use with an automatic gate operated system.

Cantilever Gate Fabrication considerations Controlling quality is of importance on this kind of gate structure usually weighing over one thousand pounds. These gates must be constructed with machines or the welds will not be consistent or hot enough to burn through the bottom of the material, which will undermine strength. These machines are electronic and take the guess work out of getting the speed and temperature perfect for schedule 40 material. This must be done to be able to acquire a consistent bead, which is key for durability and long-term durability.

Cantilever Gate In House Installation

DFW Gate Repair has the tools to complete the job on time. Usually Cantilever Gates are mounted on 4-6” schedule 40 posts. We’ve set many of these posts as deep as 6’ that demands a skid steer and about 500 pounds. Security Gates Industrial and Commercial. A Security Fence is only as good as its weakest component. In this instance gate is where all the traffic is permitted into the center. Security Gates are the largest exposure to theft and liability as they’re a system with mechanical parts that may fail if they’re constructed or designed incorrectly. Wire Mesh confronted Gates are designed to coincide with your Cable Mesh Security Fence. This gate may be designed with automatic ram ability and will be powder coated to match your Cable Mesh Security Fence. Steel Gates.

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